About Finans Network


Finans Network is a global non-profit association which aspires to bring finance professionals together.


  • To create a platform for sharing ideas and experiences
  • To contribute to the intellectual and professional development of Finans Network members
  • To coach and mentor new graduates entering into the professional life
  • To serve the public by enlightening them regarding the economic and financial agenda
  • Seminars, panels and conferences
  • Executive meetings
  • Professional gatherings, networking events
Group has chapters in New York, Istanbul, Dubai, Geneva, and Frankfurt.
  • 80% of members holds a master or higher degree
  • The majority consists of mid-level managers (MD, SVP, VP, etc)
  • Members work at respectable global corporations such as Goldman Sachs, IMF, World Bank etc.
  • Number of members exceeds 2,000 worldwide 
Recent Executive Meetings
  • Temel Kotil, CEO, Turkish Airlines
  • Henry Azzam -CEO , Deutsche Bank MENA
  • Dan Glaser - CEO , Marsh
  • John D'Agostino - CEO , Dagger LLC
  • Vicki Tillman - Executive Vice President, Standard & Poor's
Past Seminars and Panels
Outlook of Energy Markets                                      
New York, March 2010
National Grid Company
Tom King                             : US President, National Grid
Christopher Martin             : Reporter, Bloomberg News
John D'Agostino                 : CEO, Dagger LLC
David Nissen                      : Professor,Columbia University & IEMP
Outlook of Turkish Economy                                
 Istanbul, February 2010mmmmMMMMI   
Atilla Yesilada                      : Istanbul Analytics - Ekonomist
Erkin Şahinöz                        : Eczacibasi Yatirim – Bas Ekonomist 
Prof. Kerem Alkin                 : Bloomberg TV, Genel Yayin Yonetmeni
Murat Sabuncu                    : Moderator, Milliyet, Editor of Economy

US Economy & Future for US Dollar            
New York, November 2009
JP Morgan
David Wyss                          : Chief Economist, Standard & Poor's 
Peter Lynch                           : CEO, Asset Control
Haseeb Ahmed                     : Economist, JP Morgan
Serhan Seçmen                     : Moderator, Citibank, Vice President 
Turkish Real Estate Markets  & 2010 Expectations          
Istanbul, October  2009
Özgür Altuğ                        : Economist, BGC Partners 
Nizamettin Aşa                 : 2.President, IEKO
Barış Yılmazkaya             : Managing Director, Denizbank
Ufuk Kayador                    : Head of Marketing, Dumankaya
Serdar Kaya                      : Moderator, President, Finans Network 
Financial Stability and Future of Banking
New York, April 2009
JP Morgan
Jayan Dhru                            : Standard & Poor's, Head of Global Financial Institutions Group
Michael Poulos                    : Oliver Wyman / Head of FSP in North America
R. Christopher Whalen       : Institutional Risk Analytics / Managing Director
Yalman Onaran                     : Moderator, Bloomberg , Senior Writer 
Hedge Funds thru Financial Turmoil                        
New York, December 2008
JP Morgan
James R. Hodge                    : President, Permal Asset Management Inc.
Dr. Gabriel Burstein               : Global Head of Asset Management, Reuters and Lipper
Brooke Allen                            : Head, Quantitative Trading Group at Maple Securities
Arnold L. Mintz                         : President and Chief Operating Officer, Asset Alliance
Eren Tüfekçi                            : Moderator, New York University, PhD Candidate 
Outlook of Energy Markets                                      
New York, October 2008
Josh Eastright, CFA            : Bloomberg, Global Business Manager
John D'Agostino                  : Dagger LLC , CEO
David Nissen                        : Columbia University & International Energy Management and Policy
Şeref Türkmenoğlu              : Moderator, GRIF Management, Inc, Finance Director 
Accounting for Risk in the Changing World
New York, June 2008
Goldman Sachs
Çaglar Somek                      : Goldman Sachs, VP, Equity Investment Analysis
Charles Alsdorf                    : Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, Director
Recep Bildik                         : GARP, Sr. Researcher
Oliver Fratzscher                  : World Bank, Senior Financial Economist
Eren Tüfekçi                          : Moderator, New York University, PhD Candidate 
Subprime Crisis and Economic Outlook                  
New York, February 2008
Lehman Brothers

Omer Gundogdu                   : VP – Mortgage Trader, Lehman Brothers
Yalman Onaran                     : Reporter, Bloomberg
Otto V. Hemert, PhD             : Assistant Professor, NYU – Stern Business School
Serhan Secmen                     : Moderator, CDO Trader, Lehman Brothers